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WellCats Champions

Research shows that workplace relationships and support positively impact our health and well-being. WellCats has created a dedicated group of WellCats members to act as ambassadors for promoting a healthy lifestyle. WellCats Champions are faculty and staff volunteers who have a passion for wellness and are dedicated to making Texas State University a healthier campus.

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  • A WellCats Champion is a person who is:

    • An active participant in WellCats 
    • Willing to promote WellCats to colleagues and campus network 
    • Encouraging and invites others to participate
    • Informative and distributes flyers  
    • Willing and able to discuss the benefits of participation
    • Excited to hear about others goals and progress
    • Be a wellness role model
    • Talk about your positive behaviors + experiences adoption them (good and bad)
    • Invite someone to a WellCats event
    • Express concern about coworker well-being in general terms. "How are you doing? You seem stressed lately."
    • Contribute to a culture of health
    • Bring healthy food, have walking meetings, start challenges
    • Encourage workers to take breaks 
    • Move during the day - take brain breaks 
    • Take regular vacations
    • Technology free evenings and weekends - connect with nature
  • Depending on how much you would like to be involved, being a WellCats Champion can require 1 to 5 hours per month. It is important to have your supervisor's support because of the time requirements. Please obtain your supervisor's approval before committing to becoming a WellCats Champion.

  • Do you value your health and wellness? Are you an active member of WellCats? Are you passionate about WellCats? Do you encourage your coworkers to join you in WellCats activities? Do you want to make a positive difference in the workplace? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then WE WANT YOU!

    Submit a brief letter of interest to Josh Arguelles at In your letter please include your why you want to be a WellCats Champion.

Feedback from the Champions

We asked several members to describe a WellCats Champion and the following were their responses.

  • We envision a person who:

    • is healthy
    • attends on regular basis
    • talks about class and health
    • encourages healthy habits
    • looks for when we aren’t healthy to figure out how and why to avoid unhealthy behaviors
    • advocates for healthy workplace culture
    • lives by example
    • knows where resources are to share with others
    • positive and nonjudgmental
    • not afraid to share successes and challenges
    • They don’t have to distinguish themselves – but they want others to be like you.
    • Tend to have more consistency in terms of action and words.
    • Other people might feel like they can’t participate because they’ve given up hope – champs are then the givers of hope – the biggest contributor is whether you do it – participation and engagement is what really matters – doing it is going to make the difference in daily life.
  • Champs:

    • Hold themselves to higher standards because you’re setting an example – they have to show up.
    • Invite and encourage
    • Makes time for a healthy practice and lifestyle
    • Send new people newsletters when they start and they may join and participate
    • Reach out to each other as champions – use each other as resources – brainstorm together about ideas
    • are inclusive, friendly, and welcoming
    • Shares email to encourage people to attend
    • Coordinate group events outside of going to classes so that people can get together and share their knowledge, etc.
    • Events around town – running events around town – go together as WellCats
    • Wear a WellCats t-shirt once a month
    • Encourage other types of activities like cycling for Champions around campus and also invite coworkers and colleagues